Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park 4 Miler

Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park is one of my favorite parts of the city.  It was one of my first stops to visit when I came to Seattle in April of 2008 as I watched a documentary on PBS the year before that featured the living sculpture located in the Sculpture Park.  You can watch…

One of North Seattle's best beaches.  Also, a nice spot to star/end a run from or get a great stair or hill workout.

Golden Gardens Park 4 Miler

Golden Gardens park is a prime beach location in North Seattle.  There are not a lot of trails in the park but the beautiful surroundings make it a great start/finish point for some great runs.  Golden Gardens also offers many stairs for strength workouts.  There are always people there climbing the stairs for a workout.…

RJB map.  Now you can easily find RJB runs in your geography.

New RJB Map – Blogging With Geography

May should be Map month (it’s almost the same word) because I am adding 2 new maps in May.  This one adds a new wrinkle into finding the best running spots, geography. Seattle is a great city for runners, and RJB map shows you exactly where to find the best trails.  I will also post the…

race map

Running Tip: Race Maps

Race-calendar.com designed a great free map for runners! Need to find a race?  Need to promote a race?  This map has one near you! I love maps and any excuse to use a new one is good with me. I created a page especially for Race Maps at RJB (see ‘Races’ page link up top) so RJB…

Discovery Park Lighthouse and home.

Discovery Park 5 Miler

This was my first time exploring Discovery Park.  Kind of surprised as I have lived here in Seattle for 6 years now, and Discovery Park is a beautiful place.  I will return for many more runs. Great rolling running/hiking trails with spectacular views.  It was easy to get about 4.5 miles out of one single…


Credit Note On Amazing Header Image

You may recognize the brushstroke in the RJB header, and that is from a photo I snapped of one of my favorite works of art, Richard Patterson’s “Minotaur With Brushstrokes” (1998). I went a little crazy taking pictures at the Denver Art Museum on my visit back in January of 2009, but they have so…

Snowman at Walt Hundley Playfield, Seattle, WA USA

Snow Run!

Snow? In early March?  Weird, but I’ll take it!  Time for my first snow run in years! Started at Walt Hundley Play Filed (see snowman) and to the closest trail in West Seattle, the Longfellow Creek trail, and had some slow snow running’ fun. Footing was bad at times as one might imagine, but nothing…

12th man celebrating at Pioneer Square


I had a good feeling about this game (though i thought they were going to win last year).  Good enough that I was feeling a blow-out coming on, but I did not expect the drubbing we just witnessed! I have seen this Seahawks team put games out of reach quickly if other teams make mistakes…

Rays of sun shining through the trees in Lincoln Park, Seattle, WA USA

Super Bowl Sunday Morning Run

Go Seahawks! By the time you read this the Seahawks should be Super Bowl Champs! It was a beautiful foggy morning.  The sunrise did some great things with the tree shadows and the fog.  Runs like this make Lincoln Park trails some of the best urban trails in the US.

Jack Block Park, Seattle, WA USA

Jack Block Park: Out and Back

Simply ran to Jack Block Park from my house near Walt Hundley Playfield, and back.  It was just over 7 miles round trip.  Jack Block Park has limited running room and no real trails, but some great views of Seattle and the Port.