Welcome to My Running Blog 31

Welcome to runjohnboyle.com (RJB), my personal running blog. RJB is a running blog, but I will post other topics as well because sometimes other things impact running. My focus is to log my favorite runs, through photos I take while I am out there shuffling along, to share with other runners/joggers/walkers/hikers in an effort to […]

Seattle Center Run

Floating trail bridge at Washington Park, Seattle, WA, USA

Washington Park Arboretum 10K

As a runner in Seattle it is always worth my time to get to get a run at one of our three great trail running parks: Lincoln, Discovery or Washington Park Arboretum which is November’s featured run. Washington Park Arboretum has many miles of well maintained trails surrounded by one of the best urban gardens […]

Running Tip: Try Run Commuting

This is the first RJB running tip that is also a run! It is important to start out by saying that if you are a beginner this is not the best way for you to start running. Try taking transit until a block or two from your home (or place of employment) and walk the […]

Foggy downtown Seattle as seen from South Downtown (Sodo)

House Boats at Gas Works Park Seattle, WA, USA

Gas Works Park Lake Union 10K Loop

Back to Gas Works Park for October’s featured run. September’s featured run also highlights Gas Works, but In full disclosure, I log a lot of my runs in the summer before it rains. We do not get as much rain in Seattle as many expect but it can be unpredictable enough to ruin a camera […]

Running Tip: Join a Running Club or Group

Here is a running tip for you if you are new to running or have been a runner all your life, joining a running club or group can be a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. If you are scratching your head wondering how in the world a group of runners […]

Image of running club from wikipedia. Club pictured is Marathon Club.

University of Washington. Seattle, WA, USA

Gas Works Park to University of Washington 1

In this month’s run I started from Gas Works Park on a gorgeous September day and ran to the University of Washington (UW) via the Burke-Gilman trail and made a loop around the campus. It was as perfect a day for a run as you could dream up and Gas Works Park gives a view […]

Carkeek Park 3.5 Mile Trail Run 1

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Seattle is Carkeek Park another excellent park for runners in the Emerald City. A watershed with miles of beautiful trails with spectacular views, a beach, an orchard and public art to enjoy along the way Carkeek is worth exploring. The longest trail is the Piper Creek trail which […]

Apples in Carkeek Park. Seattle, WA, USA

Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park 4 Miler

Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park is one of my favorite parts of the city. It was one of my first stops to visit when I came to Seattle in April of 2008 as I watched a documentary on PBS the year before that featured the living sculpture located in the Olympic Sculpture Park. You can […]

Golden Gardens Park 4 Miler 1

Golden Gardens park is a prime beach location in North Seattle. There are not a lot of trails in the park but the beautiful surroundings make it a great start/finish point for some great runs. Golden Gardens Park is one of the start/end points of the Burke-Gilman trail which means you can get a very […]

One of North Seattle's best beaches.  Also, a nice spot to star/end a run from or get a great stair or hill workout.

RJB map.  Now you can easily find RJB runs in your geography.

New RJB Map – Blogging With Geography

May should be Map month (it’s almost the same word) because I am adding 2 new maps in May.  This one adds a new wrinkle into finding the best running spots, geography. Seattle is a great city for runners, and RJB map shows you exactly where to find the best trails.  I will also post the […]