Pioneer Square “Above Ground” 10K Seattle Tour

Beginning in Pioneer Square this run showcases some of Seattle‘s best sightseeing all wrapped up in an urban 10K loop. Runners, joggers, and urban hikers will see Occidental Park, Seattle Public Library, Westlake Park, Seattle Center, Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Olympic Sculpture Park, the Seattle Waterfront including the Aquarium and the Great Wheel. The run ends […]

Backslash Space Needle.


Massachusetts Super Bowl Snow Run-Thru, with Sam Voss

Earlier this week I got in touch with John Boyle from John is a runner and blogger, like myself, but John is from Seattle, and if you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know he’s a big Seahawks fan too. So when he told me that he was putting together a collection of […]

Super Bowl Preview for Runners 4

I have to admit that while Sunday’s NFC Championship game was not the best played football game ever it was the best NFC Championship contest that I have ever seen. While the AFC Championship was an utter domination by one of the league’s greatest teams. NFC Championship: The heart exhibited by the Seahawks star players […]


Gas Works Park Lake Union 10K Course Map, Seattle, WA, USA

Running Tip: Top 5 Run Mapping Websites

If you have noticed that all of the RJH running posts have a “recently updated” note on them it is because I have added an embedded course map from (WJR) to each of them. The maps add a lot of richness to the posts because you can link to an interactive map to review […]

Fauntleroy Park to Lincoln Park 10K Trail Run 1

January’s featured run is another 10K, this one is bookended by Fauntleroy Park while running a few miles of trails at Lincoln Park in the middle. I logged this run on December 21, 2014, the winter solstice. I started the run at 3:15pm and as you can see in the pics it was just in […]

Salmon Head Art, Seattle, WA, USA

Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA, USA

Volunteer Park to I-90 Trail 10K

If running muddy trail runs in the park is not your thing then you might be looking for a more urban run around town this time of year. If so, I have a great fall run for you. December’s featured run starts at Volunteer Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and runs to the paved […]

Washington Park Arboretum 10K 2

As a runner in Seattle it is always worth my time to get to get a run at one of our three great trail running parks: Lincoln, Discovery or Washington Park Arboretum which is November’s featured run. Washington Park Arboretum has many miles of well maintained trails surrounded by one of the best urban gardens […]

Floating trail bridge at Washington Park, Seattle, WA, USA

Foggy downtown Seattle as seen from South Downtown (Sodo)

Running Tip: Try Run Commuting

This is the first RJH running tip that is also a run! It is important to start out by saying that if you are a beginner this is not the best way for you to start running. Try taking transit until a block or two from your home (or place of employment) and walk the […]

Lake Union 10K Loop

Back to Gas Works Park for October’s featured run. September’s featured run also highlights Gas Works, but In full disclosure, I log a lot of my runs in the summer before it rains. We do not get as much rain in Seattle as many expect but it can be unpredictable enough to ruin a camera […]

House Boats at Gas Works Park Seattle, WA, USA