Thanksgiving Run 2015   Recently updated !

This year I felt that as a runner I had a lot to be thankful for so I wanted to log a run that brought as many of those elements together as possible. A great city (Seattle), great parks, urban trails, public art, views in every direction,, and traffic that should yield to pedestrians. […]

Fall foliage at the top of the steps

Fall in Seattle as seen along a Camp Long trail.

Camp Long Trail Run   Recently updated !

October’s run highlights Camp Long (CL), a Seattle park that is great for year-round urban trail running, jogging,  hiking, and climbing too! There are incredible climbing stations and courses embedded into the hillside and trees of Camp Long. If you climb or boulder you absolutely must visit this park! Camp Long is also a place […]

Pike Place Market Capitol Hill 5K

This run starts from Pike Place Market and makes a Pike to Pine loop up to Capitol Hill with a quick loop around Cal Andersen Park. This run passes by some of (but certainly not all of) Seattle’s best coffee shops, including the Starbucks Roastery. This run is so full of Seattle landmarks I’ll list […]

Flower at Pike Place Market

Track race.

Running Tip: Best Pre-Race Workout to PR

This is without a doubt the best pre-race workout that I’ve ever used. It’s been especially helpful to me when I’ve been looking to PR. I learned this from the great Pennsylvania high school distance coach Jim Bell, and no matter my age this has never let me down. This workout is best for distances […]

Running Tip: 6 Steps to Beat the Summer Heat

In this running tip I’m going to share my routine to beat the summer heat to run safely when it’s hot. Having lived more than 8 years in Florida and Mississippi I developed a good routine to make sure that I beat the oppressive southern summer heat and didn’t miss a stride in my running […]

Hot weather running

Runner stretching.

Running Tip: Summer Race Recovery Tips

  If you have a big summer race or a series of races planned you should have a plan for a proper recovery. This is an important part of running because it can help you prevent unnecessary injuries and soreness. Avoiding injury and soreness goes a long way to helping you run (and race) for the […]

Seattle Center to Kerry Park Queen Anne Loop

June’s featured run features one of Seattle’s smallest parks, but starts in Seattle Center and runs through the Queen Anne neighborhood. Packed with tourists, Seattle Center was bustling this morning even before most of the shops were open. Long lines of people caught morning sun rays as they waited to hop an elevator to the […]



Kubota Garden to Lakeridge Park 10K

May’s featured run is another out and back 10K. This one is book-ended by 2 smaller parks, Kubota Garden and Lakeridge Park. Each park has about 1 mile of their own trails to run. In the Spring when the flowers are blooming Kubota Garden is one of Seattle’s finest hiking parks. Lakeridge Park is probably one […]

Volunteer Park to Interlaken Park Trail Run 1

April’s featured run takes us right back to the heart of Seattle and beautiful Volunteer Park and running to Interlaken Park. If you are planning a visit to Seattle you can spend a day just in Volunteer Park. It’s home to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Asian Art Museum, Seattle Conservatory, a mile of beautiful trails, […]

Mout Rainier.